Core Values

These Five Core values guide the way we serve our clients--our Vision-Five:


    We serve our clients by developing deep knowledge-based insights and action plans.  (Episteme)


    We serve our clients judiciously, considering carefully the most appropriate “path of wisdom”

    to pursue. (Sophia)

    Creative Foresight:

    We serve our clients by  insightful, creative innovation to create extraordinary opportunities

    to lead rather than to follow. (Ennoia)


    We serve our clients by offering extraordinary excellence with ethical integrity,

    focused on doing good things that matter.  (Arete)

    Dedicated Altruistic Love:

    We serve our clients with a passion to accomplish extraordinary phil-anthropy (the practice of

    generous love directed towards humans) in ways that are effective, that lack charitable

    condescension, that are not ego-driven, that seek the good of others rather than social

    respectability and credit, and that delight in the flourishing and advancement of philanthropic

    aims and beneficiaries.  (Agape)