Higher Education

Higher Education is a 'classic' area for quality philanthropy.  However, the challenges of doing high-impact philanthropy in this sector are very substantial.

Common problems include:  

  1. (i)culture clash between the culture of entrepreneurial business and the academic culture of colleges and universities;

  1. (ii) misunderstandings about governance (often mistaking the President of an academic institution to be the equivalent of a business CEO);

  1. (iii) not understanding how academic incentives are often very different from business incentives; and

  1. (iv) not understanding the ways ideas are generated, tested and 'percolated' in academic cultures.  

Excellent philanthropy in the area of higher education requires insight and experience into how best to 'bridge' the different worlds of entrepreneurial philanthropy and academic culture.  

Charles Harper serves clients by bringing very substantial experience in this area to the table.