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Philanthropy Magazine interview,  “Tough Minded & Principled” 1/1/’03

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Philanthropy Magazine, Letter to the Editor, 10/1/’07:

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“Edu-globalization: New perspectives and possibilities in an ever-changing world,” Sept. 8, 2010:

On scientific research:   

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C.L. Harper Jr., ed. Fitness of the Cosmos for Life:  Biochemistry and Fine-Tuning. Cambridge University        Press, 2007.

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C.L. Harper Jr., ed. Kurt Gödel and the Foundations of Mathematics:  Horizons of Truth. (Cambridge University Press, 2011).

Additional volumes developed by Harper include: NEW FRONTIERS IN RESEARCH ON INFINITY (Notre Dame Press, 2011), and DEEP BEAUTY: Understanding the Quantum World through Mathematical Innovation (Cambridge University Press, 2011), and NEW VISION 400: Engaging Big Questions in Astronomy & Cosmology Four Hundred Years after the Invention of the Telescope (2011 in press).

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Harper Jr., C. L. & Jacobsen, S. B. (1996) Initial Solar System 3He/4He Ratio and Cosmological Implications.  Submitted to ApJ Letts., Unpublished.  (Specific results for the cosmological baryon density were strongly doubted and resisted by technical reviewers in 1996 but were later confirmed and are now considered to be fully secure.)

On Other Interests:   (incomplete)

Los Angeles Times Op-Ed. 12/24/’08.  “Following our nuclear star:  A Christmas Eve walk through a forest in 1938 gave us the gift of clean energy.

Washington Post Op-Ed.  6/13/’99, When Great Minds Think Alike.

Wall Street Journal op-ed, “Time to phase out fossil fuels?”  Dec. 26th, 1995.

Harvard Gazette interview:  Martian meteorite rolls back geologic clock.

Jan. 26th, 1995.  By William J. Cromie

Houston Chronicle Op-ed, “Only another leader like Nehru can save India”  (not my title!)  May 24th. 1991

How does God lead us in our Calling?  Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, v. 53, No. 4, pp. 225-235. 2001

What does a slug know of Mozart?:  Introducing the ontological Multiverse.  In:  Spiritual Information.  Ed.  Charles L. Harper, Jr.  Templeton Foundation Press, pp. 44-51.   (Book of 100 essays developed and edited by Charles Harper.)

See also:  “Taking a Chemical Look at the Early Earth”  (by Ron Cowan. 1992 Science News report of a discovery published in SCIENCE.):