Special Events

Successful philanthropic projects often require carefully developed and planned special events.  

Charles Harper has extensive expertise in this area. 

For example, he conceptualized and developed special events in situations involving:

i)  Filling the Great Hall of the People in Beijing with students for a series of lectures in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the invention of the telescope;

  1. (ii)Hosting a birthday extravaganza for the inventor of the maser/laser with over a dozen fellow Nobel Laureates in attendance;

  1. (iii) Developing Prize events in the House of Lords in London commemorating the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire;

  1. (iv) Developing televised discussions, public receptions for over 500 people, and an associated movable museum exhibit in the Ritz-Carlton in Istanbul for the Darwin 150/200 double anniversary;

  1. (v)Developing special celebrations at the Royal Society, the British Academy, All Soul’s and other colleges in Oxford as well as in Cambridge;

  1. (vi) Packing lecture halls of top research universities all over the world;

  1. (vii) Organizing dynamic VIP networking tours in Italy, Austria, Turkey, France, England, the Bahamas and the USA.

Reference details and some further information:

1.  Special public event connected with the New Vision 400 Conference in Beijing, China, October 12-15, 2008, celebrating the 400th anniversary of the invention of the telescope.  (See:  http://www.nv400.org/) 

This opening event filled the Great Hall of the People with students.  For announcements, see: http://www.nv400.org/public_events.html ;  and http://nv400.uchicago.edu/pub_ev.html . This was one of several special public events developed in association with a Board meeting with three associated research symposia.

2.  Gala dinner featuring Gary Kasparov at the Belvedere Palace, Vienna, linked with 2006 celebrations of the 100th birthday of the great logician Kurt Gödel: http://www.logic.at/goedel2006/index.php?dinner.

Associated museum exhibition developed as a part of the project:  http://www.logic.at/goedel2006/index.php?exhibitionhttp://www.goedelexhibition.at/start/ . Associated awards competition for young scholars:  http://www.logic.at/goedel2006/index.php?students. Opening ceremony hosting the President of Austria: http://www.logic.at/goedel2006/index.php?ceremony. Tour of Godel's birthplace and special event: http://www.logic.at/goedel2006/index.php?brno ;  http://www.physics.muni.cz/kof/kurt/. Public lecture by Roger Penrose in the "Golden Hall" of the Vienna City Hall: http://www.logic.at/goedel2006/index.php?penrose. The main academic conference celebrating the Gödel Centenary: http://www.logic.at/goedel2006/.

3.  Stanford University public lecture on the question:  "Universe or Multiverse?" hosting the President of the Royal Society of London, Lord Martin Rees:  http://www.templeton.org/humble_approach_initiative/Universe_Multiverse_lecture/.

4.  Princeton University public lectures in 2007 celebrating the life of the genius John von Neumann: http://www.princetonpublicevents.org/.

5.  MIT public events celebrating 70 years since the publication on Alan Turing's paper, "On computable numbers."  (http://www.mitpublicevent.org/). In connection with a research conference:  Creativity:  The Mind, Machines & Mathematics (http://www.templeton.org/humble%5Fapproach%5Finitiative/Creativity/ ). Debate between David Gelernter and Ray Kurzweil moderated by Rodney Brooks (video record): http://mitworld.mit.edu/video/422. Lecture by Jack Copeland, " Alan Turing: Codebreaker and AI Pioneer": http://mitworld.mit.edu/video/423.

6.  Sir John Templeton at Duke University speaking on the theme of non-retirement and purpose-in-life in a conference, "Faith in the Future."  Video clip:  http://www.counterbalance.org/fitf/jtem-topics.html?b=events/fitf-body.html.

7. Harvard Club, NYC, public event featuring Dambisa Moyo on her book, 

“Dead Aid”, hosted by William Easterly.  http://www.templeton.org/events/book_forums/bf_20090324.html

8. Gala banquet with 16 Nobel Laureates, Oakland, CA.  Celebration of the 90th birthday year of Charles Townes.  Linked with the research conference:  Amazing Light:  Visions for Discovery  (2005)


9. Gala banquet honoring John Archibald Wheeler in his 90th birthday year, Princeton.

Science & Ultimate Reality:  Celebrating the Vision of John Archibald Wheeler and Taking it Forward into a New Century of Discovery. (2002)